Industrial Ovens

AMRITA THERMAL EQUIPMENT are the manufacturer of Industrial Ovens in India. As an Industrial oven manufacturer, we have supplied many Industrial Ovens of Various types such as
1.Batch Oven,
2.Tray oven,
3.Trolley Oven,
4.Conveyor Oven,
which operate in temperature ranges from 50ºC to 450ºC using electricity, gas, or oil. Applications include pre-heating, drying, curing, heat-treatment and burn-off to name a few.
AMRITA make Industrial Oven is of triple wall construction with minimum of metal to metal contact to avoid Heat Bridge in structural design to minimize the conduction of heat emission & reduce energy consumption
The Outer casing is made from MS coated with primers & then with 2 coats of enamel or epoxy paint or powder coated, thus giving rust proof & long lasting performance.
The inner & Baffle Casing can be of MS or SS. The MS sheets are painted with Heat Resisting Aluminum paints of suitable grade. The SS baffles are mirror polished finished for aesthetic looks. For larger size of ovens, we have provided Double Baffle with second being perforated, resulting in high temperature uniformity inside the heating chamber.
The insulation provided are of various density of Rockwool Slab to keep the skin temperature is minimum & therefore reduce energy consumption.
The impellers & Shaft of Re-circulating fans are statically & dynamically balanced. The Re-circulating fan provides uniform air flow inside the heating chamber. We can design different air flows such as Horizontal air flow, vertical air flow, or Combination of Horizontal & Vertical air flow.

General Purpose Industrial Oven ‑ GP

Max temp: 300 °C
Volume: 220 to 450 litres

Rapid Cooling Oven ‑ TLD

Max temp: 400 °C
Volume: 3 litres

High Temperature Industrial Oven ‑ HT

Max temp: 400 – 600 °C
Volume: 28 to 343 litres

Large General Purpose Industrial Oven ‑ LG

Max temp: 250 – 700 °C
Volume: 500 to 13820 litres